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November 20, 2017
The 14-Day Food Code: How to Eat AND Lose Weight in 2 Weeks (BOOK)
July 14, 2018

The 14-Day Food Code: How to Eat AND Lose Weight in 2 Weeks (eBOOK)

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“The 14-Day Food Code: How to Eat AND Lose Weight” eBook is the perfect complement to Pruvit’s KETO MAX.

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The 14-Day Food Code – How to Eat AND Lose Weight in 2 Weeks eBook is the perfect complement to Pruvit’s KETO MAX. It is also a perfect standalone guide that can prime you to reap the maximum benefits of KETO MAX before you purchase your ketone supplement.

Do you want to burn fat and lose weight?

Are you putting on weight even though you are NOT overeating?

Are you eating “healthy” but still can’t lose those extra pounds?

Is brain fog slowing down your productivity?

Do you feel tired or lethargic after meals?

The 14-Day Food Code will show you how you can eat and STILL lose weight.

Based on a hybrid approach of trophology, the science of food combining, The 14-Day Food Code details a simple approach to eating and food that will completely change your body and mind.

Trophology is a nutritional approach that advocates specific combinations of foods as central to good health and weight. Originally promoted by Herbert M. Shelton in his book “Food Combining Made Easy” (1951), the rationale behind the food science is that combinations of acids, fats, starches, sugars, and proteins from different foods disrupt the normal processes of digestion.

The philosophy behind trophology is simple biology. Some food groups mix well with others while other foods should never be eaten together.

BUT, The 14-Day Food Code reveals ONE revolutionary change to trophology that is a GAME CHANGER!

Follow the “Food Code” and, in just 2 WEEKS, you will:

  • Burn Fat & Lose Weight
  • Elevate Energy Levels
  • Increase Focus & Mental Clarity

Besides learning this ground-breaking approach to weight loss, The 14-Day Food Code details 42 delicious recipes that will help you on your weight loss journey.

In addition, the book includes a BONUS CHAPTER on “How to Burn Fat in 30 Days without Forcing Yourself to Diet”.

Learn an amazing weight loss hack where you can lose weight in 30 days without forcing yourself to diet.

​This is the world’s best kept secret that has only been used by the US Navy Seals, NASA, celebrities and top athletes around the world… till now.

You can use this hack on its on or combine it with the “Food Code” for 10X results.


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