If you are like us at Keto Singapore, you are probably wondering what the taste of KETO//OS is like. Does it taste like medicine, a protein shake or bad lassi? Objectively, a majority of people like the taste of at least 1 – 2 flavours of the ketone supplement drink.

Surprisingly, we at Keto Singapore found the KETO//OS flavours quite bearable and in some cases, even pleasant.

How do the KETO//OS flavours taste like?

If you are drinking the product expecting a delicious beverage, you will be disappointed. But, if you tell yourself that you are drinking a health supplement that is good for you, you will be pleasantly surprised (for most of the flavours).

Most of the flavours are VERY sweet so add enough water to match your preference.

Based on reviews and speaking with friends, these are what KETO//OS tastes for the flavours available in Singapore:

KETO//OS MAX Raspberry Lemonade

This tastes like “Skittles”. It is a combination of sweet and sour with a candy-like taste. If you like “Skittles” or candy in general, you will probably like this. Add some sparkling/ soda water to add some fizz.

This is the flavour we recommend as your first box of Keto.

KETO//OS MAX Swiss Cacao

This tastes like a watered-down hot chocolate drink. Add milk and hot chocolate powder/ non-sweetened cocoa/ coffee for more taste.  Add more milk and it tastes like a typical chocolate milkshake. Some people have commented that there is a peppermint and/ or chemical after-taste.